Expression of Interest

In expressing interested to the programme we were asked to briefly outline our aspiration and  ideas for what we would like to develop through Building Health Partnerships.

We said that our aspiration is a future in which citizens are genuine co-authors of their wellbeing. They will contribute actively, collectively and inclusively to creating and sustaining the good outcomes that they wish for themselves and their wider communities. To achieve this aspiration we will strive to shift the culture of Dudley CCG and the local VCSE to become more open, responsive and connected, and increasingly creative and forward-looking. Different sorts of assets will be recognised and their potential maximised through a step change in engagement and more effective interventions.

We explained that what would like to develop through Building Health Partnerships would further existing and emerging multi-agency activity in Dudley borough which began over five years ago with an exploration around empowering approaches to community engagement and led to training and support planned and delivered by local organisations for local organisations, with a focus on creative collaboration and asset based approaches growing over 2012.

We outlined 3 key themes of activity in our Expression of Interest:

  • collective and inclusive engagement structures;
  • information, evidence, insights and learning; and
  • collaboration and asset based approaches.

Collective and inclusive engagement structures

We wanted to work with Healthwatch Dudley to build health and care networks and forums and patient panels that increase breadth and depth of reach, particularly for the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and excluded communities in Dudley borough. An important area of focus is to develop existing support and facilitation for the local VCSE to collaborate and work more effectively together in engaging with local health and care partners including Dudley CCG.

Information, evidence, insights and learning

We wanted to build on and further developing existing and new databases and information systems, working towards an integrated system which commissioners can usefully access and use, and which facilitate empowering, community asset based support and activity. We already have a Community Information Directory hosted by Dudley MBC, a 400 strong membership base in Dudley CVS, a Community Engagement Database shared between Dudley MBC and Dudley CCG shared, and ongoing information collection in relation to our JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). Dudley MBC is setting up a new area of thier website called All About Dudley which will draw in census and other data and enable visitors to download data and create graphs.

We hoped that Building Health Partnerships might assist with support to Dudley CCG and the VCSE to identify and apply evidence and insight from local groups, particularly where this increases depth of understanding of equality issues, and the needs of people with multiple and complex problems and how they may be addressed. This could link to work with the VCSE to develop their contribution to the evidence required by Dudley CCG and partners (e.g. JSNA and asset approaches) to develop robust commissioning plans and approaches.

Collaboration and asset based approaches

Through existing activity around asset based approaches to wellbeing and health improvement (Dudley CVS and Dudley Public Health pilot, and Ageing Well initiative), and work on creative collaboration (, we wanted to help GPs and other stakeholders in Dudley CCG to understand the contribution of the local VCSE in improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of individuals and communities and developing the confidence, attitudes and competencies for collaboration and co-production.


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