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Understanding the social value and impact of our work

In the video clip below Mark Ellerby talks about the PSIAMS tool and process developed and used by Summit House Support, and how it is being shared through Building Health Partnerships.

Tom Hayden, a Key Worker at Summit House describes in the video clip below what using the tool means in practice for him.


Croydon commissions for social value

Croyden social value for commissioners

This 60 page publication, Inspiring and Creating Social Value in Croydon: A Social Value Toolkit for Commissioners is packed with case studies from across the UK and challenges commissioners to consider and embed social value at each stage of a commissioning process.

It provides step by step advice in considerable detail, which looks transferable to other organisations.

Thanks to Building Health Partnerships for tweeting the link. If you have a look at the document, leave us a comment below letting us know what you think of it. What interests you? What’s useful? What could we learn from this in Dudley?