Firstly, for those of you that have not herd of PSIAMS here’s a quick intro…

PSIAMS is an intervention and outcomes based system that has the ‘whole person’ at its core and it:

– identifies key issues of people with complex or multiple needs
– social triage’s those needs
– helps staff plan ways to resolve the issues faced
– demonstrates the impact, value and results of work

PSIAMS applies a measure to aspects of work, such as:

– The “distance travelled” by the customer – “Social Impact”
– The value of the impact made by interventions – “Social Value”
– The legacy of work in communities – “Social Capital”

PSIAMS also helps measures needs, risks, gaps and efficiencies.

Dudley is leading the way in a new way of thinking around outcomes measurement and local organisation can be part of that thanks to NHS Building Health Partnerships (BHP). As a result of the BHP work in Dudley the local CCG (Clinical Commisioning Group) has invested in developing PSIAMS into a borough wide outcomes measurement system. Working with DCVS and Cloudberry PSIAMS will soon be a Cloud and App based system.

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations have an opportunity to provide input that will shape the development of PSIAMS.

To discover more about PSIAMS, Mark Ellerby at Cloudberry is running a series of workshops throughout May and June 2014, further details can be found at the Cloudberry Website


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