Developing plans for session 2

Photo of handout titled 'Key points from Dudley so far'Following the diagnostic session a few of us met with Charlotte Pace to develop plans for the second session. Officers who are the local leads for Building Health Partnerships were involved in this small planning meeting (Andy Gray and Lorna Prescott from Dudley CVS, and Helen Ashford from Dudley CCG, Paul Maubach was unable to attend).

The main focus of the planning meeting was consideration of the emerging priorities from the diagnostic session. We worked to shape something tangible for programme partners to consider and shape during the their seocond session together.

Broadly, we came up with these three objectives:

  1. Information: To join up the ‘VCSE offer’ resulting in a better information base to agree health priorities and access services from
  2. Impact: To demonstrate the VCSE contribution to the patient experience
  3. Collective and inclusive engagement structures: To influence commissioning and support co-production by engaging the VCSE at all stages of the commissioning cycle

Charlotte took these away to do further work on a framework for use in the development session.


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